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Rolling Steel Doors

Rolling Steel Doors

You need your Service door to be reliable, affordable, last a long time and still be appealing. Our knowledgeable representatives can help you match your need with the variety of rolling steel service doors available.

Smooth, effortless operation is what you look for in a Counter Shutter. Clegg Brothers features the CHI series 6500 counter shutter for an enclosure that perfectly blends security and beauty.

With a variety of designs and post configurations you are certain to find Grilles & Closures to fit your needs. Let a Clegg Brothers representative guide you toward the best option to secure your business’ opening. Glass, polycarbonate, perforated or solid closures are available.

You want a reliable Fire Door that provides critical safety and fire protection. In order to comply with The National Fire Protection Association’s recommendations, you need the ability to perform simple, repeatable drop testing that is safe and does not cost a fortune. With the 7300 series Fire Door by CHI, you can be assured your door is in a continuous state of readiness. Fire doors are available with: fail-safe time delayed releases, smoke detectors and audible and visual warning systems.